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Our Story

At the heart of our mission lies a compelling story: a story of transformation and resilience. Our founder, a seasoned fine arts educator, noticed a need for better communication, understanding, and respect within the fine arts and beyond. This awareness became the catalyst for two impactful initiatives: one focusing on embedding respect and consent into fine arts education, the other harnessing the power of fine arts techniques to enrich personal relationships.

In the world of fine arts education, our commitment is to create safe spaces where students can express their creativity freely, under the guidance of teachers who understand and respect the importance of consent and boundaries. Our goal is to empower both teachers and students, fostering healthier interactions and ensuring every student can thrive.
Simultaneously, we recognize that the principles we promote can transcend the classroom. This understanding inspired us to extend our work into personal relationships. We offer couples the opportunity to deepen their connection and enhance their communication through fine arts techniques. By focusing on consent and boundaries, we enable couples to explore their relationship dynamics in a respectful, constructive way.


Whether you are an educator, a student, or someone looking to enhance their personal relationships, we invite you to explore our offerings and embark on a transformative journey with us.

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My name is Alexa Young

Nancy Lynch is a seasoned Intimacy Choreographer and Coordinator based in Houston, TX, and an adjudicator for the Texas Theatre Adjudicators and Officials. With over 2 decades of experience as a Texas Educators Agency certified theatre educator and director, Nancy is the owner of Class Intimacy Acts, LLC. the nexus of Art, Connection, and Respect. Class Intimacy Acts believes in the transformative power of the fine arts to shape our understanding of ourselves, our relationships, and our interactions with the world around us. Rooted in principles of boundaries and consent, Nancy’s work through Class Intimacy Acts’ spans across two interconnected realms: Education and Personal Relationships.

Nancy holds a BFA in Theatre, a Master's in Theatre History Criticism and Dramaturgy, and over 120 Hours in Intimacy Education training via Intimacy Directors and Coordinators, Theatre Intimacy Educators, Heartland Intimacy Design and Training which she utilizes when focusing on enhancing connections through art while prioritizing safety and empowering actors with advocacy tools.


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Jason Duga

Fight Coordinator Consultant

Brent Smith

Musical Theatre Consultant

“Respect is the stage where we perform our interactions, and consent is the script that guides our actions. We look forward to sharing the spotlight with you.”

Opera Singer

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