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Our Mission

Empowering the creative journey, we are committed to promoting safety and respect in the fine arts. We provide educators with the necessary tools to establish an environment where creativity can flourish without fear. Our mission is to ensure every student can confidently explore their artistic potential, safe in the knowledge that their boundaries are respected, and their wellbeing prioritized

Our Services


Professional Development

Class Intimacy Arts provides Professional Development for theatre educators and fine arts administrators


Student Workshops

Student Workshops for safety best practices in the performance space, intimacy choreography for stage, as well as workshops for the classroom.

Who Am I

My journey as a fine arts educator, spanning nearly two decades, has shown me the potent yet often silent effects of such barriers. I have seen students stymied by invisible constraints, unable to voice their discomfort, uncertain of their right to question authority, or lacking the tools to navigate complex power dynamics.



Are their virtual options available?

Yes. We offer virtual workshops for professional development and ensemble development workshops. However, all choreography-based workshops are in person.


"It was a great experience that created a closer bond between us, and we left with many tools to strengthen our connection."

Chazz + Latasha

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