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Creative Connection


The cultivation of human connection is at the intersection of art and intimacy. Art is an imitation of life and reflects the intricacies of our most honest self, and world. Class Intimacy Acts uses art and creativity as a pathway to nurture the evolution of closeness, care, and connection in your partnerships.

Class Intimacy Acts was created to serve as a tool to help couples stay in the arena, learn one another’s intimate design, and reframe what intimacy looks like in the future of their relationship.

The truth is, so many of us are right there. We balance the desire to create a resemblance of intimacy, and the hope for an authentic intimate relationship that meets our personal ideas of closeness. Our connections become stronger when we are purposed in understanding our own intimate needs, and the intimate needs of those we are in relationship with, creating our joint intimate intentions. 

Through each stage of your relationship, we are here to offer techniques and tools to help couples stay connected, communicate, and commit to the awareness of the evolution of your individual, and collective intimate journey.


You are invited to enhance the creativity of your intimate design.


Warm Regards,


Nancy Lynch

Class Intimacy Acts Owner


Intimacy: our inmost, most inward, deep-seated selves - our fundamental character - essential - intrinsic - who we really are / entering deeply or closely into a matter // the inmost thoughts or feelings, one’s inmost self, closely personal // closely connected by friendship or personal knowledge, very familiar, characterized by familiarity re: people and personal relations // it also had an older use ‘of a theatrical performance, especially a revue: that aims at establishing familiar and friendly relations with the audience; also of a theatre itself = intimate revue, meant close audience // close familiarity / connection, union, very close / trust / consent










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