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Who Is Your Favorite Recording Artist?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

You know, the artist that you can play their music and get into the groove of each song's frequency even if you’re not necessarily in the mood for any particular song on that album.

For me... it’s ANYTHING Anita Baker. I shuffle her albums on long drives in the car, in the house when cleaning, and when working on things like this blog post.

Then there are albums that were HOT for a long time, but not as classic.

There are still songs that you can play from those albums to embrace nostalgic moments to cultivate the specific mood you’re looking to experience. Albums that made time stand still for a moment in time until the next best hit moved it off of the charts.

This gives you an idea of the difference between emotional and physical intimacy.

Whereas Emotional Intimacy is “classic” and when used in its desirable form is usually welcomed in many spaces- from those you encounter. Classic things like hearing how beautiful you look, or someone remembering how you prefer a brief moment of pause between work and settling in at home.

Physical intimacy can range in acceptance, accuracy, and necessity- it’s mostly contingent upon a mood, person, place, and particular desire. A consented embrace, kiss, touch.

What is your most CLASSIC (emotional) intimate need?

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