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Intimacy is like a fingerprint

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Intimacy is like a fingerprint. Everyone has their own special print that opens what they need individually for their best intimate experience.

The word intimacy can be taboo; through semantics, many of us were conditioned to believe that the word ‘intimacy’ has an emphasis on physical pleasures... which in some circumstances is the central focus of the intimate objective.

But what is intimacy??

Euphemisms used to describe the word are- an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse, sex, sexual relations...

But you know what? When I describe intimacy, my favorite descriptor is “Safety”

Safe enough to be vulnerable

Safe enough to be creative

Safe enough to be your full, authentic, honest self

Because Safety helps us create boundaries more easily, safety allows us to be as open as we do desire, and more importantly, safety allows us to press that fingerprint down to mark what we would like our intimate experiences to resemble.

What is your favorite descriptor for intimacy?

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